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Another Week Another Pound

I only lost 1lb. this week. I had an excuse this week if you get my drift. Although I didn’t have an excuse for all the drinks I had. I’ve noticed the more weight I lose, the harder it’s getting. I am down 27lbs. and have 23 to go. Seems like it’s alot left. But I am just happy that I am not gaining. I am losing some every week. Better late than never in achieving my goal. Seems like everyone did good this week. Ooh, plus I had some graduation cake yesterday. I am VERY happy that I didn’t gain!

What bad things did you eat this week?


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What diet are you on?

Diets work differently for everyone. People prefer this diet to that one. This one works, this one doesn’t. Which one are you on and how is it working for you? I am counting calories. I don’t have to cut carbs or worry about how much fat is in a specific product. I eat WHATEVER I want, just smaller portions. It seems to be working great so far for me. I am going to have a small candy bar tonight. I buy the small ones and they are working GREAT for me!

Gotta have my chocolate…

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So, my overall goal is to lose 50lbs. When I get to that point I will see how I feel and go from there. I might want to shed a few more! I have set small goals for myself. My first goal was 18lbs by May 19th and I made it! I was so happy! My next goal is the half way point. I am 4lbs shy of that, and the date I originally set for myself has past, but I am not going to be discouraged. Tomorrow is weigh day. Exciting. I want to look like her —————————————————————->

Is that too much to ask for?!? 🙂

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Blogging/Weight Loss

So, I was not very good at this blogging thing. I never have anything interesting to say, but I wanted to track my weight loss. I am fat! lol I started my diet on March 13th. So, since my last weigh in, which was June 13th, I have lost a total of 21 lbs. I am very excited about it. I always start diets, but never seem to stick to them. This is the longest I have been on a diet. Tomorrow morning is weigh in, I’ll let you know how I did! I am actually looking forward to it! Hope everyone does good this week!

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