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$5 off a movie

They send this in the mail to you:
Go To: http://www.seagramsflickfling.com Enter your info…. It will then ask you for a code: 794532 Heres are the “2” UPC #s you can use 080432403815 080432403983 It will then ask for your mailing info Offer exp 9/30/06



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Lane Bryant

For those of you who like free things, this is the last day to use this coupon. It’s $15 off a $15 purchase. I have gotten several pairs of pajama pants free with this coupon. They were a tad big on me, but hey, who cares, they’re FREE!!!


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Free Box of Cereal

Free box of Weight Watchers cereal. This will come in handy for those of us on the diet.


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Free Opi Nail Polish

Click Here

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Another Free Razor

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324 Pills…

So, I told you about the CVS ad this week that had 12ct. Bayer trial sizes free after coupon. Well the ad stated it was one per person. I went in yesterday and got my free Bayer (since Bayer is all we use in this house), and today I went in with my bosses CVS card because he too wanted his free pack. Well, I went to the register and asked the girl for one (they keep them behind the counter) and she asked “How many would you like?” I told her that I thought it was limited to one per person. She then told me that they had a lot of them and had to get rid of them. She then asked “So, how many would you like?!?” I said “As many as you want to give me!” So, she took them ALL out and started to scan them! FREE BAYER FOR ME! WAHOO! So, in all, I got 27 trial sizes of Bayer! The picture here shows 18 of them. I have one in my purse already, and I gave away 8 of them at work today. I plan to give away alot more of these! I was so excited about my FREEBIES for the day! I love sales, and I love coupons!
No more headaches!

FREE Bayer

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I love freebies!

Free Schick Intuition Razor!

Samples of Sunsilk Shampoo and Conditioner
Bottom of page: Samples

So, today I went into CVS and here’s what I got.

Shampoo3 bottles of Sunsilk Shampoo, 3 bottles of Sunsilk Conditioner and a 12ct. Bayer Asprin.
The Sunsilk is free when you use a $1 coupon and get $2 in ECB (extra care bucks). The $1 Sunsilk coupon is found on tearpads. They are small and silver. The coupons are the same in English and Spanish. The Sunsilk is $2.99 and you get $2.00 ECB. The purchase of Sunsilk products at CVS triggers ECBucks.
#1 transaction (today) – Purchased 6 Sunsilk products and 1 Bayer. Used 6 (1) Sunsilk $1/1 coupons and $1.99 off Bayer. Total today was $12.66.

#2 transaction – Wait two days for your extra care bucks to print, which will be Wednesday. Total will be $12 for the 6 Sunsilk you purchased 2 days ago. Buy 6 more Sunsilk. Use (6) $1/1 Sunsilk coupons, and your $12 Extra care bucks from your previous purchase. Total will be negative so throw in a pack of gum. You will now have another $12 extra care bucks for the 6 Sunsilk you just purchased!

#3 transaction- Wait two more days, and then your $12 extra care bucks will print. You can use this to roll over and do more Sunsilk deals, or use these to do other extra care bucks deals!

For about $12 out of pocket, you will now have $12 extra care bucks (so free shampoo!) and 18 Sunsilk products to give away, sell at yard sales & Ebay, or an endless supply to use for yourself!

I LOVE FREEBIES!!!! I’ll keep them coming! 🙂 Do you like freebies? If so, what was your best deal?

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