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I lied…

I didn’t keep my word. But neither did Katie, so I don’t feel so bad!

So, I really like writing in my “journal” but I always thought it was lame. And I still think it is. But hey, if you don’t want to read it, there is a little red circle in the top left hand side of your browser to close me (or a red square on your top right if you are one of those weird people who STILL use windows 😉 ) Just kiddin’! That oughta score me a few with the hubby! LOL

So, we watched Painted Veil tonight. Starred Naomi Watts and Edward Norton. He is the man. He is ridiculous in all his roles. Good movie but I must warn you, it is a tear jerker! We are going to watch something else in a minute. Hopefully it will be the Utah Jazz/San Antonio Spurs game. And Jazz better be kickin’ butt!

I started a new book the other day. It’s called Water for Elephants. If you’ve ever read it, please post whether you liked it or not. But that’s all. LOL I don’t want any spoilers 😉

Personal question. Would it bother you if everything you do, almost everyday, was posted on the internet for all to see? I know Colin would love to write about more things, but I just don’t see the need for everything in our life, every trip we take, every move we make, to be posted for all to read. Maybe I am just crazy? Don’t answer that! lol Maybe someone could explain to me why he has such a strong desire to do this? I would love to be enlightened. Really, tell me your opinion on this.

Norbit. It got a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. Yet, I still have a desire to see it. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t have an answer for you. Actually yes, I do have an answer. I am lame. And it’s a lame movie. Lame movies make lame people laugh. WOW.

Tried a delicious Shiraz tonight. Boy was it good. I remember it being pretty good, but tonight it just did it for me. YUM. Also opened a Spumante. A little bubblier than the Shiraz. 😉 But good nonetheless.

Well, that’s all the boringness I have to write about today. Until tomorrow…


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Week 4

Stayed the same this week. Overall down 33 pounds. Kinda bummed I didn’t lose. Thought I did good this week. Ugh.

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dsc_0027.jpgThis is a test of my first picture. Here goes nothing.

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On LOST. What a finale! Where to start. SPOLIER ALERT. I loved Charlie in this episode. He was the man. I really liked the fact that he was willing to risk his life for the others. Not really the Others, but you know who I mean. 🙂 I really didn’t like that he died. At least that’s how it appeared. Locke was awesome. His character really makes the show. He is one of my favorites. Perhaps my most favorite. Behind him in close second and third is Jack and Ben. Ben creeps me out sometimes. That’s why he is the man. And Jack’s, well, he is just a hunk! And he loves Kate. That’s all that matters. They will be together in the end. At least in my head. I really like where they are going with the show! Until next year…..

Jordin Sparks won American Idol. Congrats to her. She’s awesome. Blake is too, but I don’t think he wanted to win anyway. His name is out there now. Good for him.

Pooks is cuter than ever. He is laying on my lap now, as I type, snoring away.
Sorry, just had to throw that in there.

So, I got some really nice flowers yesterday. Planted them in some over-the-deck planters and plan to set them up today. They look really nice. I love flowers. I will post a picture of them as soon as I figure out how to! 😉

We are having a yard sale this weekend. Our family tradition every year. It’s usually at my aunt’s house, but since she moved we are going to do it here. Won’t be the same, but I am sure it will be fun. Hopefully Wendy and the boys will be able to come too. I am in the process of looking for things to sell. I thought I had more than I do. But today I really got to spring clean my kitchen. I had alot of garbage in my laundry room. From hundreds of receipts to five phone books to just junk. I threw it all out. Felt good 🙂 I love cleaning. I have issues, I know. I feel so good afterwards. Got tons of laundry done too today. I accomplished alot. After I publish this I plan to get some more done. Well, that’s all I did today. How about you?

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So, I told my friend that I would write on my journal each day for a week straight. She promised to do the same. Here goes nothing.

I always (and will still continue to) think that what I write about is pointless. Here goes nothing.

The other night while at a friend’s house, my cousin and I stumbled on an old pastime. Stair racing. Yes, we used to race down the stairs, as fast as we could, on our butts. (We lived in the country and apple bobbin got boring.) SOOO much fun! Don’t knock it til you try it. It is now Wednesday and my leg is still (not continuously) bleeding. What a great time. My STOCKINGS (aka nylons for all you NORMAL people out there) are soooo sticking to my wound that I am certainly not looking forward to taking them off tonight. Anyway, I am pretty certain that I won. The timer was pressed conveniently a little too late, but that figures. I got the people’s vote. That’s all that matters. Bring it. 1:43 Here goes nothing.

I had two glasses of wine tonight so if this post makes absolutely no sense at all, I am not responsible.

Hmm, five random things about me.

1. I love all kinds of games. Whether board or card.
2. I CANNOT get enough pictures. (Of other people of course)
3. The best thing on this planet is Da Pooks my kitty. 🙂
4. I stole a large amount of money when I was younger. Not proud about that one. :/
5. I always wanted to be a Marine Biologist when I grew up. Never happened.

Hmm, what else can i write about? American Idol. I think that Jordin Sparks SHOULD win, but I honestly think that Blake will.

I haven’t seen who won Dancing with the Stars, but I really hope Apollo won. He is kinda hot. (I know I have issues)

So, that is all I have to say right now because I am tired. I will write more tomorrow because I said I will keep my word.

Here goes nothing.

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Week 3

Down 1 pound. I don’t have anything interesting to say, so I am not going to say anything.
down 33 lbs.

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Week 2

So, I did great on my diet all week. Until Friday. The weekend is the hardest for me. And then last night I figured I ruined it already, so I might as well eat. The result? Down a pound from last week. Better a little loss than nothing at all I guess. What is the hardest time for you to stay on a diet and how do you overcome this?

To-date: 32lbs

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