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Do you like the new look or the old one better?


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It’s been forever

WoW. It’s been along time since I wrote to all of you who read my pathetic blog. What has happened since December? LOTS. We moved into a new place (that I absolutely love), I strayed from my diet (which I am not happy about), and the Pooks got even cuter (which some might think is NOT possible), but alas, it happened and I love him more and more every day. He told me the other day that he wants to start his own blog for all his followers (remember back: His Pookshake brings all the girls to the yard). He has alot of grils as he likes to say (aka girls) on his tail. This blog will hopefully come sooner than later. What else has gone on? Hmm, oh yeah, we made our first batch of wine. Man did that come out good! (yes I tooted my own horn) We have to start our next batch as soon as we get to Clarks Summit to pick up some packets of yeast. What else? Matty Flap moved back! How awesome is that? He is cooler than ever. (yes that was possible too!) I am sure there is more that happened but you are probably sick of reading this, so I will shut up now. Have a good day everyone! I love Fridays 🙂

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