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5 questions

Colin asked me a few questions about dieting….here goes.

What are the top five reasons you started to diet in the first place? I can only think of 3 right now.
Health. I was sick of “being sick” all the time.
Energy. I didn’t have ANY!
I WAS FAT!!! It actually hit me when we were at a wedding back in March of 2006. I didn’t realize how big I had become. After the wedding we were looking at pictures, and that’s when I realized I was unhealthy not to mention HUGE!

What was your biggest failure on the diet, and how did you overcome it?
The only thing I consider a failure has been the last few weeks when I have not been on the diet at all. It took me alot longer to lose the 40lbs. than the average person. I didn’t consider this a failure. The longer it takes to come off, the better your chances are at keeping it off. So, hopefully I can jump back on the diet before gaining it all back. (I did gain a few back)

Did blogging help or hinder your success?
It helped. There were so many successful on this diet. Reading about everyones losses for the week inspired me. I didn’t want to be the only person that gained! So, that helped alot.

What things did you do to help ensure your success?
I didn’t have alot of junk food around. I bought small candy bars and when I wanted one, I could have it. i just counted the calories. I kept them all frozen too. That way I couldn’t just inhale one spur of the moment. Also, now that we are moved and settled, we joined the gym. That’s got to help!!!

What is one recommendation you’d have for someone on Day 1 of their diet?
Don’t give up! The first week is the hardest. If you can get through that, it gets easier!


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