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What a Week!

Among the eleven of us, we managed to get: a swollen ankle/foot due to bug bites, a rashy red face, not one, but two bee stings, two swollen eyes, locked keys in a car, a huge gash above the eye, almost requiring stitches, a plane delay of an hour and a half, and the most fierce lightning storm you can imagine, which killed a dog while we were there. Oh and somebody threw up too.

Other than that, what a great camping trip! 😉

What are some of the craziest things that have happened to you all at once?


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We had an awesome camping trip this past week. I knew I was going to gain. I really enjoyed myself though. We had lots of smores and had quite a few wine coolers/wine. Excellent time with friends. One of my all time favorite camping trips. I ended up gaining 4 pounds. I am not happy about it, but I don’t regret what I did. Everything blew up on me due to my allergies. My eyes looked gorgeous and I received a beautiful red puffy rash on my face. I looked great. HAHA Then my feet and ankles swelled due to mosquito bites. I was a mess. And now I am home, I am still somewhat puffy. So, although I gained this week, I noticed that in the majority of my pictures, I could tell that I have lost alot of weight. I didn’t LOVE the pictures of myself, but they were OK and that’s an improvement.

How was your weekend?

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Eighteen to go!

Fifty pounds is my overall goal. If you can’t subtract well, I’ll do it for you. 50-18=32lbs lost to-date. YIPEE! I lost three pounds this week. I am very excited that I am over the 30 hump. It felt like forever to get here. I wasn’t sure how I would do this week, a few late nights of eating, but I had alot of exercise running around trying to get things done for a party we went to this weekend. We had a blast. Also, as Colin mentioned in his post we went swimming. It was the first time we went this year. Seems like the year is going too fast. Before long, the summer will be over. Then the real test will start. I don’t know about anyone else, but I tend to eat more in the winter. Let’s hope we are all at our goals by then, and we have changed ALL bad eating habits so we can endure the winter.

Great job everyone. Another week is upon us!

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Drumroll please….

Two more pounds this week! Wahoo! That’s a total of 29 lost for me and 21 more to go! I did better than expected. How did you do? Better or worse than you thought you would for the week?

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Yet another weigh-in

So tomorrow we weigh. I am not looking forward to it. I thought I was doing good, but the stupid scale ranges so much that I don’t know where I stand. Yes it is my fault for getting on everyday (or every other) but I can’t help it. I am curious. So tomorrow is the “official” day, but I wanted today to be! I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I got on. Yet tonight my weight went up from this morning. I know I ate and drank, blah blah blah today, but I still don’t think this mornings reading was accurate. I am going to make it my goal (after tomorrow’s weigh) to just get on once a week. Tuesdays will be it. That way I am not disappointed if it fluctuated, because I wouldn’t know any better.
Let’s hope we all do good tomorrow…..

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WAHOO! I love Johnny Depp.

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As of 7/8/2006 10:17pm
I am 25 years old.
I am 304 months old.
I am 1,320 weeks old.
I am 9,243 days old!
I am 221,854 hours old!
I am 13,311,257 minutes old!
I am 798,675,474 seconds old!

In dog years I am about 3.6 years old.
Looking at it that way, it doesn’t seem that bad….

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