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Long Island Iced Tea

So as I sip my Long Island, I ponder whether anyone else on this diet wastes their calories drinking. I am having an 8 ouncer, and it’s 450 calories. I counted it in today, but man that’s a lot of calories just for one drink. But it’s so worth it! Do you drink while on a diet? If so, what do you drink, and are there any drinks out there that taste this good but have less calories? PLEASE let me know. I am not a huge beer drinker although, I think I am beginning to like Miller Lite. What do you drink?

ps. If you want to waste 450 calories, my Long Islands are PERFECT! 😉


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One Pound

I guess it’s better than none. I really thought I did good this week. I think I had more physical activity this week than I have in a long time. Maybe I gained muscle? I don’t know. Either way, it’s one more pound and I am feeling better than I ever have. Total loss so far, 26 pounds. Wahoo! So how did you do this week?

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It’s all Colin’s fault! 100% blame on him. He makes me watch the Food Channel with him. I don’t know about you, but watching them make delicious, mouth-watering food is not my way of avoiding temptation. So, please, yell at him for me. Especially if my weigh-in tomorrow is a +.

I wish I hated food…

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Summer always goes by way too fast. I can’t stand it. Plans upon plans. Time flies when you are having fun. Graduation parties. Vacations. Cookouts. Camping. Family gatherings. Yard Sales. Swimming. Basking in the Sun. The list is endless.

I personally am looking forward to a few things. (In the order that they are happening)
Yard Sales throughout the whole summer (I LOVE YARD SALES! I LOVE A GOOD BARGAIN!)
Kindergarden Graduation Party
High School Graduation Party
Friend coming in from FLORIDA for a week
Camping Trip with great friends
Another High School Graduation Party
Bridal Shower
Anniversary (should be close to my goal weight here!)
And HOPEFULLY a vacation somewhere. HINT HINT Colin! lol

So what are you looking forward to this summer?

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So, today was the day. I was hoping to lose four pounds to put me at the half-way point on my diet. And the results?

*drum roll please*

I lost exactly four pounds! That put’s me at 25 pounds lost, and 25 more to go! I am so excited and more determined than ever! How did you do this week?

If you are reading this for the first time, and are interested in joining the nearly 100 people that are participating in the global effort to get fit, check out , which is sponsored by The Diet Channel.

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What diet are you on?

Diets work differently for everyone. People prefer this diet to that one. This one works, this one doesn’t. Which one are you on and how is it working for you? I am counting calories. I don’t have to cut carbs or worry about how much fat is in a specific product. I eat WHATEVER I want, just smaller portions. It seems to be working great so far for me. I am going to have a small candy bar tonight. I buy the small ones and they are working GREAT for me!

Gotta have my chocolate…

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So, my overall goal is to lose 50lbs. When I get to that point I will see how I feel and go from there. I might want to shed a few more! I have set small goals for myself. My first goal was 18lbs by May 19th and I made it! I was so happy! My next goal is the half way point. I am 4lbs shy of that, and the date I originally set for myself has past, but I am not going to be discouraged. Tomorrow is weigh day. Exciting. I want to look like her —————————————————————->

Is that too much to ask for?!? 🙂

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